Why Earth Mined Diamonds?

Why Earth Mined Diamonds?

We believe in the energy a diamond holds, only after millions of years forming in the earths crust. With concerns of sustainability and ethical sourcing we have a focus on antique stones.

Jessica is choosing not to work with lab grown diamonds for a number of reasons,one being the energy they hold from the earth. And another they are an unstable market. They are not holding their value from year to year continually going down in value.

If you are concerned about ethically sourced stones and sustainability like we are, we would ask you to go with an antique stone. As rare and special as you are.

If you are unfamiliar with antique stones, they were cut by hand at the turn of the century (late 1800's-1920's depending on the cut of the stone) to sparkle by candlelight. They have a particular facet pattern and are largely on the warmer side of the color scale and the taller side in dimensions. 

Do not be fooled by a lot of people selling "old mine cut" stones that are modern stones cut in this style but are not authentic antique. 


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